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TNT Diamond Protection Program

Apr 04th, 2017


TNT’s Diamond Protection Program is simply the best year-round protection available. We use a four-step process that is designed to limit the use of chemicals inside your home.

SPRING – We power spray the outside of the home for wasps, yellow jackets, carpenter ants and other pests. This includes inside treatment to all kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as areas conducive to pest infestations.

SUMMER – We power spray the exterior of the home to reinforce the initial treatment. Key pests are targeted, Read More

Commercial Account Maintenance – TNT Small Fly Program

Apr 04th, 2017

I.E.M. (Identify/Exclude/Maintain) is our approach to eliminating small fly problems in your business. This multi-step program will deliver the results that you have been waiting for.

PRE-STEAM TREATMENT – On the initial visit, we will first (Identify) the species of the current fly problem. At that time, we will physically remove debris (Exclude) and clean all critical areas conducive to fly harborages with our TDT Degreaser formula. Key areas to be treated will be soda outake lines, grout behind ice machines, under dishwashers, bars, drains and Read More

Bioremediation & Microsanitation

Jan 25th, 2017


Bioremediation is the remarkable science of using living organisms (microbes) to convert waste material into natural matter. This remarkable technology was first put to use in the 1970′s when the world marveled at this means of cleaning up oceanic oil spills. This technology is now available to the food service industry and provides a completely natural means of drain line cleaning.

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Grease and organic buildup in drain lines is a direct result of ordinary cooking, cleaning and processing food. Drain Read More