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TNT’s Diamond Protection Program is simply the best year-round protection available. We use a four-step process that is designed to limit the use of chemicals inside your home.

SPRING – We power spray the outside of the home for wasps, yellow jackets, carpenter ants and other pests. This includes inside treatment to all kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as areas conducive to pest infestations.

SUMMER – We power spray the exterior of the home to reinforce the initial treatment. Key pests are targeted, including millipedes, earwigs, and silverfish. We also inspect for other pests and treat accordingly.

FALL – Before the cooler temperatures arrive, we power spray again to keep insects from building nests inside the home. The main targets include spiders and rodents.

WINTER – Interior insect treatment and inspection. Main targets include spiders, rodents, and carpenter ants. Remember: Most pest problems that occur in the spring and summer are a result of not doing anything in the winter months.

SERVICE GUARANTEE: We will provide unlimited retreatment at no charge during the terms of the agreement. While we cannot prevent yellow jackets, we will provide emergency service to eliminate any nests. This program does not cover termites or wildlife controls.