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Harold J. Portwood discovered the need for pest control when his father-in-law’s farm was overtaken by rats and he was tasked with getting rid of them. He found few exterminating companies available to help him out, and quickly recognized a need for services for commercial and industrial facilities like his father-in-law’s farm.

Mr. Portwood opened TNT Exterminating Company in September of 1935 at 109 North Main Street in Akron, Ohio. He began offering exterminating services to stores, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses, as well as private homes, in the Akron area. He also opened a retail store in his new company so that customers handling their own pest problem could purchase insecticides, powders, sprays and baits.

TNT has continued to be among the top exterminating companies in the area serving commercial and residential customers. In 1995 Michael Grace became the third generation to run TNT, purchasing the company from his father and proceeding to expand service into Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs. TNT customers can now be found as far east as Ashtabula and as far west as Avon.

Mike personally brings more than 35 years of experience to the industry. As a former president of the Ohio Pest Control Association and former chairman of the Ohio Professional Applicators for Responsible Regulation, he understands the changing role of pesticides in the industry and the need to be a proactive prevention company rather than purely reactive.

For more information about how you can make TNT your exterminating company in Northeast Ohio, email mike@tntexterminating.com or contact us today.

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