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Residential Pests

The seasonal changes in Northeast Ohio can make year-round pest control a must, even in your home. With TNT Exterminating, residential customers can get reliable, year-round pest prevention service with the TNT Diamond Protection Program. LEARN MORE

Have you been bothered by different pests as the seasons change? In the spring you are ready with your ant spray, but a couple of months later you are bothered by yellow jackets. In Northeast Ohio the bugs that invade your home and yard can change from month to month. In mid-March termites may be a problem. By April it may be carpenter ants, and by May it will be carpenter bees and wasps. Mid summer brings yellow jackets and fleas, which will continue until the first frost, when you need to start worrying about mice and bed bugs.

With TNT’s Diamond Protection Program, you never have to worry, because we adjust each treatment to control the pests that thrive each season. To learn more about how you can get this year-round service, click here.

Single Spray Service

Whether we are visiting your home on a seasonal basis or providing a one-time treatment for your pest problem, our technicians always follow four key principles when they arrive at your home.

  • INSPECT – We find potential entry points and identify nests.
  • ELIMINATE – We treat the trouble spots with low odor insecticides and growth regulators.
  • PREVENT – We power spray the area with long lasting microencapsulated insecticides to keep insects out and use less insecticide inside the home.
  • MONITOR – We use sticky traps to determine insect activity and target our treatments.

Our specialists always focus on treating your specific problem, but they are on the lookout for pests that are commonly found in Northeast Ohio homes. Knowing what to watch for will help you catch pest problems before they become a major infestation. Click on each pest to learn more about habits and prevention.

TNT always uses the latest technology and the most cutting edge treatments to be sure your pest problem is stopped the first time. Once our technicians have identified your problem, they will choose the best treatment to get rid of the pest. Common treatments may be:

  • Power sprays outside foundations for carpenter ants, wasps, spiders
  • Heat treatments for Bed bugs
  • Chemical treatments for Bed bugs
  • Bait treatments for ants
  • Crack & crevice treatments for roaches
  • Rodent trapping
  • Rodent Baiting
  • Dusting for bees
  • Deep harborage treatments in wall voids
  • Perimeter inside treatments

Don’t live with bugs! Call TNT today to schedule the best pest control service in Northeast Ohio.

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