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Pest control and prevention is crucial to the success of your food service or hospitality business. At TNT Exterminating we understand this, so we designed the Pest Prevention Program for the Food Service and Hospitality Industry to address the specific challenges faced by owners and managers of restaurants, hotels, motels, food warehouses and supermarkets.

Our customized program targets every aspect of your business. We inspect, eliminate, prevent and monitor any existing or potential pest infestation throughout your facility, with the ultimate goal being to stop the bugs before they get in.

Pest control as it relates to the hospitality industry can be challenging because it is more than just a building. At TNT, we know that eliminating access to pests in your business takes a deeper look.  Our program addresses five areas of concern:

  • Your facility
  • Sanitation and housekeeping
  • Storage areas and practices
  • Food and beverage prep areas
  • Continuous communication among all involved.

When you get TNT’s Pest Prevention Program for the Food Service & Hospitality Industry, you receive proactive, effective and environmentally responsible services for your business. Expect the following from our professionals:

  • Pest PREVENTION, not just a spray service
  • Low-impact, environmentally responsible baits and prevention products that leave no residual odors
  • 24-hour, same-day service scheduled at your convenience, including nights and weekends
  • Trained, professional, Company Certified Service Technicians with state & local food management certifications
  • Technical support, Service Excellence Audits and customer employee training.


Bioremediation is the science of using living organisms (microbes) to convert waste material into natural matter. First used in the 1970s to clean up oceanic oil spills, this technology now is used in the food service industry, and TNT has teamed with BioStim to bring it to you. Click here to learn more about BioStim Microbial Products.

The food service industry is vulnerable to grease and organic build up in drain lines because of the daily process of preparing food and cleaning up. The result is slow or clogged drain lines, odors from rotting food and breeding of drain flies. Unfortunately, conventional methods of using enzymes or bleach are not effective in breaking down the grease and debris.

TNT’s program uses environmentally safe BioStim Microbial Products, specifically selected microscopic living organisms that digest fats, oils, grease and organic matter. These organisms are injected into your drain lines where they consume the accumulated debris. Performed regularly, BioStim treatments will:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate foul odors
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate drain fly breeding sites
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate drain line clogs
  • Significantly reduce the frequency of grease trap maintenance.


The TNT Small Fly Program

 Small flies are one of the top complaints of business owners in the food service industry in Northeast Ohio. Whether it’s fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies or moth flies, these pests can be a constant source of frustration in restaurant kitchens. Click here for information about identifying small flies.

At TNT we offer a customized program that specifically addresses your problem so that it is both eliminated and prevented. Our multi-step program uses our three-phase approach to stop your pest problem—identify, exclude and maintain. We combine foam treatments and steam cleaning, targeting drains and other areas that attract small flies, so you get effective results.

Expect the following with TNT’s small fly program:

  • Pre-Steam Treatment –On the initial visit, we will Identify the species of fly causing your problem. We remove debris and clean all critical areas conducive to fly harborages, such as soda outtake lines, dishwashers and drains, with our TDT Degreaser formula.
  • Steam Treatment –With these areas free of grease and decaying organic matter, we apply a steam treatment to further remove possible harborage matter.
  • Post- Steam Treatment –We then apply our TFT Foam Treatment to each drain and to areas deemed critical in controlling the current fly infestation.
  • Maintenance – We return monthly to reapply our TFT Foam Treatment to all vulnerable areas.

The TNT Small Fly Program is guaranteed to stop small flies in your business. If you notice flies, our technicians will respond to solve the problem. Understand that our guarantee is limited should we discover broken sewage pipes or find drain lines inaccessible. However, our staff is prepared to make recommendations to fix such problems so that your fly problem can be solved in a timely fashion.


To get the maximum efficiency when treating for small flies, TNT recommends considering the following services, which can be provided at an additional cost:

  • Pest Control
  • Grease Maintenance and Drain Jetting, Bacteria Treatments
  • Bird Control
  • ULV Lighting
  • Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion
  • Termite Control

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