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Bee and Wasp Exterminators in Northeast Ohio

There are so many readily available bee, wasp and hornet sprays that it may be tempting to try to deal with your bee or wasp problem on your own. Just spray the nest and knock it down a few days later, right? The experts at TNT Exterminating advise against this. Exterminating bees or wasps on your own can be dangerous, and it is often more difficult than you think to eradicate a nest. TNT Exterminators know how to get rid of your bee or wasp problem safely and completely.

Identify and prevent

As a property owner, it helps to understand the habits of the some of the more common bees and wasps we see in Northeast Ohio. This can help you make decisions to reduce the chance of bees or wasps building a nest on your property.

Wasps, including paper wasps, yellow jackets and bald faced hornets, tend to build nests in more sheltered areas, such as eaves, under deck railings and swing sets, inside gas grills, even under fallen trees or unused lawn equipment left in the yard. They can be attracted to fruit trees, especially fruit that has fallen on the ground.

Removing debris from your yard and checking sheltered areas frequently can help prevent nests or at least identify them early when they are easier to get rid of. Treating exposed wood also helps, since some wasps use this material to build their nests. You can avoid attracting wasps to your backyard party by keeping sweet drinks covered and using garbage cans with tightly fitting lids.

Mud Dauber wasps build long tubular nests in protected places such as sheds, attics and porch ceilings. Attentiveness to these areas is the best the prevention. Homeowners can also attempt to close off or seal small, protected areas that would be attractive nesting areas.

Bumble bees and carpenter bees are quite common in Northeast Ohio, with favorite nesting areas being under concrete steps and under eaves and decks. Unfortunately, the homeowner can do little except keep a close eye for bee activity and try to catch a nest while it is still small. Another common local bee is the honey bee, which can be especially difficult to deal with because it likes to nest inside walls of buildings, where the honey can do a significant amount of damage by the time it is discovered.

As a homeowner, your best action when you find a bee or wasp nest on your property is to stay away from it. If you are seeing a growing amount of bee activity, try to track it to the nest. Then contact the trained and licensed professionals at TNT Exterminating. Bees and wasps can be aggressive when defending their nests. Their stings are not only painful, they can be deadly, especially for those who are allergic to the venom. While it may seem that a chemical spray has been effective in treating a nest, these products often do not fully eradicate the problem. There also is the danger of angering the bees or wasps and making them more aggressive.

Call TNT for wasp and bee prevention in Northeast Ohio

Do not try to handle a bee or wasp nest on your own. Even a small nest can catch you off guard. A nest inside your wall or attic can be extremely dangerous, even if you believe you have found the entry point. The experts at TNT know how to approach a nest and exactly where and how to spray to eliminate outside and inside nests for good.

Don’t wait for your next outdoor party to be invaded by angry bees attracted to food and drinks. Our technicians will treat your whole yard with sprays that are safe for your children and pets, and will discourage bees and wasps from nesting there. Contact TNT Exterminators today for you bee and wasp problems in Northeast Ohio.

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