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Tick Box Technology

TNT now offering Tick Box Technology

Ticks are a growing problem in our region’s backyards, putting more and more people at risk of contracting Lyme disease. TNT Exterminating is now offering tick control through the Tick Box Tick Control System, a proven system that controls ticks by treating the rodents they feed on.

Developed in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Tick Box System can help reduce tick populations by more than 85%, protecting your pets and your family. TNT is the only authorized provider of Tick Box Tick Control Systems in the area.

Call today for details on how we can help you protect your pets from ticks and your family from Lyme disease.

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Because we evaluate your needs and combine our treatment with the latest technology to arrive at the best solution for you.

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With roots in Akron, Ohio, TNT Exterminating Company brings more than 80 years of experience in pest control to your home or business. Today, TNT has satisfied customers, both commercial and residential, throughout Northeast Ohio and continues to be a family run business. For excellent service and cutting edge technology, make TNT your exterminating company in Northeast Ohio.

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AboutThe TNT Exterminating Company was founded in September of 1935 by Harold J. Portwood. Initially, TNT was located at 109 North Main Street.

Mr. Portwood entered the pest control industry quite by accident as his father-in-law’s farm was overtaken by rats and Harold undertook the task of getting rid of them. There were few other exterminating companies in business during the 1930’s.

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