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Choosing a Pest Management Professional

When it comes to Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) there are many to chose from. So, how do you know which exterminator to hire to do the job?

Good exterminators provide preventive pest control service rather than waiting for a pest situation to arise.

The guidelines below will assure you that you that the pest control professionals  that you hire can accurately identify and address potential pest problems.

What should a professional extermination service have to offer?

  • When arriving to the location each time, meet with your contact person to discuss any new or current issues that you may not be aware of.
  • Use best judgment and point out any construction modifications needed to avoid a pest invasion and outline the feedback in writing.
  • Know the safety rules of the building in reference to ladders, tight spaces, high voltage areas, etc. If there is an issue with sanitation, they should alert you immediately to correct the issue.
  • When a device is initially installed, the pest management company should record the date and provide your signature each time it and other devices are checked. If a pest is sighted via any device,  they should then communicate (verbally and/or in writing) what it is, when it was spotted and how many pests there were.

To keep track of your pest problem, pest management professionals should provide an accurate, up-to-date pest log report. It may also be beneficial to keep application records at your premises.

If there is a continuous pest problem, the pest control company should go to the location at night or early in the morning when it is dark to analyze the space for pests such as cockroaches or rodents. If there is a locked area on the premise, they should take the initiative to request permission into the area to inspect it.

Also, make sure that they know the biology and proper identification of the pest you are trying to control. They should be able to communicate and respond to any pest questions that you may have, follow up, and keep their word on what they promise you for controlling your pest issue.

Good pest management professionals should also provide quality assurance by calling monthly to check in.

If you are looking for an exterminator or pest control service that meets all of this criteria in the Northeast Ohio or surrounding areas, TNT Exterminating’s priority is to gain your trust and respect through fluid communication.

Their certified and experienced pest control professionals are able to point out any construction modifications needed to avoid a pest invasion and know the safety rules of your building.