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I.E.M. (Identify/Exclude/Maintain) is our approach to eliminating small fly problems in your business. This multi-step program will deliver the results that you have been waiting for.

PRE-STEAM TREATMENT – On the initial visit, we will first (Identify) the species of the current fly problem. At that time, we will physically remove debris (Exclude) and clean all critical areas conducive to fly harborages with our TDT Degreaser formula. Key areas to be treated will be soda outake lines, grout behind ice machines, under dishwashers, bars, drains and any other infested areas.

STEAM TREATMENT – After these areas are free of grease and decaying organic matter, a steam treatment will be applied to further remove possible harborage matter.

POST-STEAM TREATMENT – The last step is to apply our TFT Foam Treatment to each drain and to areas deemed critical in controlling the current fly infestation. This step (Maintain) will be performed monthly.

With this program, we will guarantee no small flies in your business. If at any time you experience activity, call our office and we will respond appropriately to solve the problem. Our initial visit will take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Then a monthly service (approximately 30 min.) will be performed to maintain control of the fly problem. In the event that we discover a sewage pipe broken, Drains inexcessable, grout missing or in such poor condition, we will recommend steps to fix these problems in writing and our guarantee will be limited. Together, we are confident that our recommendations and service will provide you with the most effective fly program in the industry.


TNT Exterminating can also provide the following services at an additional cost. These services are intended to maximize the effort of your program and should be considered.

  • Pest Control
  • Grease Maintenance and Drain Jetting, Bacteria Treatments
  • Bird Control
  • ULV Lighting
  • Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion
  • Termite Control

“In commercial accounts, failure to control the pest problem occurs in the under-estimating of the infestation” Robert M. Corrigan, Ph.D.

*Robert M. Corrigan, Ph.D. is President of RMC Consulting Services in Richmond, IN