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Bioremediation is the remarkable science of using living organisms (microbes) to convert waste material into natural matter. This remarkable technology was first put to use in the 1970′s when the world marveled at this means of cleaning up oceanic oil spills. This technology is now available to the food service industry and provides a completely natural means of drain line cleaning.

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Grease and organic buildup in drain lines is a direct result of ordinary cooking, cleaning and processing food. Drain lines accumulate massive amounts of grease and organic matter drastically reducing or eliminating flow capacity. Drain flies breed in the grease and organic buildup; as decomposition takes place, rotting odors emanate.


Conventional treatments such as enzymes, bleach and caustics, do not provide an effective remedy for the effects of accumulated grease and organic buildup in the drain lines and grease traps.

The 21st century way of removing grease and organic buildup in drain lines is with the use of specially selected microscopic living organizms that digest the grease and organic matter.

biostim_logoTNT Exterminating uses BioStim Microbial Products which are designed to eat fats, oils, grease and organic matter. By injecting specially selected microbes into drain lines, on a consistent basis, these living organisms will actually line the inside walls of the drain lines and consume the years of grease and organic accmulation.

BioStim’s microbial treatments will:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate foul odors.
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate drain fly breeding sites.
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate drain line clogs.
  • Significantly reduce the frequency of grease trap maintenance.

Environmentally safe formulations have always been a priority with BioStim. Our bioremediation services are performed with 100% non-pathogenic BioStim microbial products.

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