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Rat and mice Extermination in Northeast Ohio

A mouse in the house can cause panic among even the strongest of homeowners. Maybe it’s the unexpectedness of a mouse scurrying by, or maybe it’s the stereotypical reaction depicted in movies of women screaming at the sight of them, but many people will admit to an unreasonable fear of mice or the idea of them in their house.

The truth is, there are many rodents that can find their way into your home during cold winter months. All can be destructive and carry diseases, and all should be removed quickly.

There are more than 2,200 types of rodents, including:
Prairie Dogs

In a residential area, mice in your attic or basement and squirrels in your chimney might seem to be the most common rodent infestations experienced by homeowners. However, sewer rats can be a problem in communities located near lakes. They usually will gain access to your basement through an open sewer drain.

You will want to take steps to keep all rodents out of your home. Keep in mind, these critters are attracted to food, and the gaps in your foundation, under doors and around pipes are their doorways.

Keeping rodents out

Your best defense against rodents in general is routine maintenance of your home and yard. As the weather becomes colder, clear your yard of debris, cut down shrubbery that lies against the house and store lawn equipment. Store your firewood away from your house. Check your foundation for cracks and door sweeps for tears that may allow small gaps for a rodent to crawl through. Seal windows and gaps around pipes where they enter the house.

Attic vents at house peaks and below eaves should be securely screened to prevent squirrels and birds from nesting within. Put secure grates over open sewer drains, and use properly designed screens to cover openings to chimneys.

Despite all of these measures, many homeowners still deal with mice on a regular basis. The common house mouse is usually no bigger than 9.5 cm in length and can squeeze through gaps the width of a nickel. They nest in walls and cabinets and are usually found close to food. You can discourage these unwanted residents by keeping food in airtight containers, removing garbage frequently and keeping food areas as clean as possible.

Removing rodents from your home

By the time you see a mouse or have spotted feces in an attic or basement, you already have a problem. Rodents reproduce very quickly, so even if you have managed to trap a few, there are likely many more that you have not seen.

If you are facing removal of any rodent, including house mice, it is best to call professionals who have the tools to do the job quickly and completely. Rodents can carry up to thirty-five diseases that humans are susceptible to. The longer they reside in your home, the more exposure you and your family face. Moreover, their destructive habits of gnawing through wires can cause electrical fires.

TNT Exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home, identify nesting areas and breeding grounds, and treat your home to completely eliminate them. Our team also performs a careful and thorough cleanup so that you and your family are safe from allergies, illness, and possible future infestation.

Trying to handle a rodent problem on your own puts your family at risk of further exposure to bacteria that their nests contain and you at risk of injury. Call the experts at TNT when you need a rat or mice exterminator in Northeast Ohio.

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