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Professional pest management companies are integrating the following environmentally friendly pest control techniques into pest management programs.

The best type of mulch for pest control

Organic mulch can be a favorable medium for harboring insects. A thick layer of rubber mulch can provide more protection against the threat of insects such as millipedes, ants, cockroaches and beetles.

The best lighting for pest control

Bright outside lights can attract spiders, lizards and even frogs. Place lights away from the home and ensure the light beams are directed away from the structure. Placing lights on motion detectors can also reduce the need to use brushes to remove spider webs.

The best roof for pest control

Different insects are attracted to different colored roofs, as well as particular roof colors that reflect heat. Although homeowners are not likely to change their roofs, they can be monitored to provide early warning protection for what may become a major pest problem.

Recreational areas and pest control

Cap any openings of framed outdoor patio chairs to prevent insects from entering them, such as spiders, wasps and ants. Make sure to clean your grills with a brush in the early spring to prevent paper wasps.

Ornamental ponds can serve as mosquito harborage areas if neglected so they should be aerated to prevent mosquito breeding.

Drainage for pest control

Wet areas, such as faulty drainage from air conditioning units, can accumulate water and attract insects. Make sure to have your gutters and downspouts inspected by your pest control service as well.