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Super Lice In Northeast Ohio, Spring 2016

A strain of super lice that is resistant to over the counter treatments has been reported in 25 states, and Ohio is one of them.

Due to a genetic mutation, super lice are resistant to pyrethroids, the family of insecticides contained in common over-the-counter treatments used to kill lice.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot kill super lice with with pyrethroids, but that you will need a stronger dose.

The only difference between regular lice and super lice infestation is the treatment. If your child still has lice after an over-the-counter lice treatment, they may be infected with a resistant strain.

How are super lice treated?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents and caregivers use over-the-counter treatments unless resistance has been confirmed in other parts of your local community.

In some cases, parents and caregivers do not use the products as directed and the lice removal products do not do a thorough job.

Instructions on the package should be followed exactly, and clothing, linens, and toys used by the infected person should be washed in hot water or dry cleaned.

Be sure to apply the over-the-counter lice removal product a second time, five to seven days later, and leave the product on for the instructed amount of time.

If the lice are not gone after an over-the-counter lice treatment contact your pediatrician. They are able to prescribe another form of treatment that is effective against super lice.

The AAP also recommends teaching children not to share hats, combs, or other items that come in contact with hair.

Children should be checked for head lice after there is an outbreak at their school, even if they aren’t complaining of itching.

If super lice is found in your Northeast Ohio or surrounding area home, contact TNT Exterminating Company’s professional bug removal experts to be assured you that your home is free of lice and any other unwanted houseguests.