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Think You May Have Termites?

Apr 04th, 2017


It is a good idea to know what kind of pest problem you have when you call an exterminator, but how do you distinguish between termites and other wood-destroying insects?  Well, winged ants are often mistaken for winged termites, but characteristics, which can be seen with the unaided eye, will help you differentiate the two insects.  Ants have two pairs of transparent wings of unequal size; termites have four equal-sized wings.  Also, the region of the body behind the wings is “pinched” in ants Read More

Bioremediation & Microsanitation

Jan 25th, 2017


Bioremediation is the remarkable science of using living organisms (microbes) to convert waste material into natural matter. This remarkable technology was first put to use in the 1970′s when the world marveled at this means of cleaning up oceanic oil spills. This technology is now available to the food service industry and provides a completely natural means of drain line cleaning.

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Grease and organic buildup in drain lines is a direct result of ordinary cooking, cleaning and processing food. Drain Read More

Planning Your Bed Bug Treatment

Jan 02nd, 2017

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Super Lice

Apr 12th, 2016

Super Lice In Northeast Ohio, Spring 2016

A strain of super lice that is resistant to over the counter treatments has been reported in 25 states, and Ohio is one of them.

Due to a genetic mutation, super lice are resistant to pyrethroids, the family of insecticides contained in common over-the-counter treatments used to kill lice.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot kill super lice with with pyrethroids, but that you will need a stronger dose.

The only difference between regular lice and super lice infestation is the Read More